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Comparing the Magic Bullet to the Nutribullet Blender

bullet blender comparison

The Magic Bullet is a combination of multiple kitchen appliances in an easy to access and use, powerful, durable, and compact kitchen equipment. It’s a single serving smoothie, shakes, and food maker. With 200 watt base and two 16 ounce cups. It has an extractor that, with no worries, extracts your nutrients and vitamins. Perfectly crushes through the ice and frozen items with no hassle.

Dishwasher safe, the machine comes with two 16 oz Magic Bullet cups, two sip and seal lids, and also an instruction guide. Very convenient for use, sleek, modern, and user-friendly and can be carried along and fits in perfectly into most car cup holders. As seen in this magic bullet vs nutribullet compassion table, there is a large difference in power ratings between the Magic Bullet and the Nutribullet. The Magic Bullet weighs in at 5.1 pounds, which makes it very comfortable to be carried. If you desire to live healthy, starting with what you take in, this is the blender to go for to achieve that perfect healthy lifestyle.

Nutribullet blender is a versatile blender of 600 – 900 watt, known for crushing anything filled into it, a multi-serving blender for your multi needs. It gives you a satisfying taste of health and nutrition. It’s a combo blender with a multi-serving pitcher and single-serving cup.

Three precious speeds, 64 Oz blender with lid and vented lip cap, one tamper, 1 32 Oz cup, 24 Oz cup, two to-go lids one easy twist extractor blade, and a manual/guide are all part of the package. The easy twist extractor blade made of powerful stainless steel and designed with cyclonic action. The pitchers and cups are also made from high-quality plastics. Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.


These blenders are best suited for crushing fruits and vegetables into smoothies; it can also crush seeds and as well as other non-fruit and vegetables due to its multi-action build up. It is best built for smoothie making.

The Magic Bullet provides a powerful, durable nutrient and vitamin extraction for a healthy drink perfectly breaks down your fruits and vegetables into juices and smoothies.

It’s a single serving blender that will go a long way towards improving your daily routine and quest for a healthy lifestyle. All you need do is wash your fruits and vegetables, pour into the blender, and plug, in less than forty seconds you have your drink ever healthy, fresh and ready to be gulped or sipped, whichever way you desire, you can even add an ice to the blender for all to be crushed together. At an affordable rate of $49.99, this pack is all yours.

Nutribullet pro blenders are best suitable for one who needs a track on his/her healthy life, flowing down to everything that goes into the body system. Nutribullet pro is a blender that blends everything you want into a smooth paste with no stress from the operator. It has an extractor blade that extracts the vitamins and nutrients making it easier for the user. All you need do is to blend your preferred fruits and vegetables, extract into the 32 Oz or 24 Oz cup, slid your lid for a sip, slid back then carry along with its built-in handle.

Its provision of two cups gives you a variety of quantity to go for, the extra large and medium quantity. This blender is specially built to attend to your daily health needs; thus, it gives you a perfect smoothie and juice for that satisfying feeling. It also blends nuts alongside other fruits, vegetables, seeds, and berries into liquid in less than 60 seconds that’s very fast to be resisted.

The Magic Bullet blender is built to encourage healthy living at your convenience. This powerful machine is a nutrient and vitamin extraction blender which gives you very quick results going for a price of $36.79 it serves as a motivation to whoever that wants to live a healthy life. Turns your vegetable, fruits, nuts, and berries to smoothies or juice in few seconds.

Nutribullet is a single-serve blender, goes for $139.99, and most suitable for crushing your ice, vegetables, and fruits into smoothies and juice for a healthy drink. With this blender, maintain a healthy routine is easy and won’t cost much or require too much stress; all you need do is wash your desired items, pour into the blender, blend and sip, that simple. Very durable, reliable, and portable, this blender assures you the maximum satisfaction with every blend.


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